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Vayera (5780) -‘He appeared’

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This weeks TP: Vayera -‘He appeared’ will also be called ‘Laughter’! because Min. Shawn had us laughing and learning.

The over-arching theme was conveyed in G-D’s favorite questions: Where are you Sarah/Adam and What example are you setting in the earth – oh judge

We saw a comparative study of Abraham and Lot – and how each operated as a judge of the earth second only to G-D the judge of all the earth!

Lot’s judgeship could definitely use some tweaking but Abraham’s was perfect and he even interceded on behalf of the 10 (Lot’s family).

We met Michael the arch angel, Gabriel the messenger and learned that G-D will put down His coffee to assist you when you are faithfully carrying out His will!

This one was good! Watch the video (uploading soon) and see ya next time in TP: Chayei Sarah!

People – we’ve got gold! #torahtime 

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