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The Genesis Project

26 Weeks
25 lessons
0 quizzes
6 students

The Genesis Project is a series of informative studies that provide the hearer with basic information as they begin their journey to understand what it means to be Born Again. The concepts are from basic to intermediate and designed to provide a point of origin for the in-depth teachings and studies received from the Logos Fellowship.

These are not Sunday School classes. They are intensives on important issues that affect our daily lives.

Sessions include such topics as…
What is Salvation?
The Benefits of Salvation
The Holy Spirit & You
The System of Giving
Why You Should Give Offerings
The Sower Sows the Word
Prayer, Praise & Worship
What to do When You have Been Offended

We are always asked to a announce these sessions because they are life changing.  The Genesis Project is our prerequisite to the sessions that are offered here.

For some, they are refreshers to help you regain your focus and get clarity in your life. For others, they are an awakening blast to the sound and true purpose for being apart of His Government.  Instructors are experienced on the topics they covered and have lived into victory through them. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.