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About Us

Thank you for visiting here. We are a Training Ministry not a church. We teach about both Jewish & Christian cultures. We want to make that clear from the onset. We teach the Word of God in a way that makes sense. There are many believers who are seeking answers to issues in their lives and we try our best to assist with the help of the Holy Spirit. By providing learning opportunities that will allow your relationship with God to become solid.

To this day, there are many who do not believe that God really cares or are frustrated with the concept of “church”. In our trainings you may receive homework assignments (it is your choice to complete them or not), but we definitely give assignments. There are so many aspects to the Kingdom of God beyond the cross. There is so much to learn. Jesus is no longer on the cross. He is now seated at the right hand of God, yet the church continues to keep Him earthbound.

The Logos Fellowship is a great place to grow and learn. We hope you will take time to visit and see for yourself. There are thousands of ministries that want you to invest in them, but not many that will invest in you. We are The Logos Fellowship are investors in people. The hurting, the broke(en), and the discouraged. The Word of God is a restorer that can help you build or rebuild your life, your family and even your ministry. Be Blessed & Be Encouraged. Hope to meet you soon.

The Logos Fellowship

Where "The Word" Makes Sense!

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