Torah Portions

What are Torah Portions?
Torah Portions are passage in Jewish Scripture dealing with a single topic; specifically: a section of the Torah assigned for weekly reading in synagogue worship. The Torah consists of the first five (5) books found in the Holy Bible. Traditionally, the torah portion schedule allows participants to complete the readings within the Hebrew Calendar Year.

Why is this information important to the Christian Community?
The term “bible study” is actually comes from the practice of reading the Torah Portions. In addition to the reading of the weekly Torah portion, the prophets and the New Testament has been incorporated as well. This gives the reader a well rounded view of the Hebrew bible as a whole. Jesus Himself was a student of the Torah, as would have been a part of His upbringing. He would have taught as all Jewish children. When reading the life and times of Jesus in the New Testament, there are various references and idioms that become clear when view through Hebrew eyes. His (Jesus’) ministry would have been conducted in His own culture and upbringing.